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The foreign office of the Eritrean Renaissance Party. RE: Eritrean Renaissance Party condemn the attack on a journalist (Amanuel

Eyasu). On the 25 of November 2019, a mob paid by the government of Eritrea attempted a coordinated terrorist attack on Eritrean journalist, Amanuel Eyasu, who is based in London and is the founder/editor of We are dismayed and very much concerned with this coward and vicious attack.

Mr Amanuel was lured to the scene by a woman pretending to be an informant who promised to provide him with relevant information on the political issues concerning Eritrea. Upon arrival, he was physically attacked by a group of politically motivated aggressors. This incident proves to be a terrorist attack, as it is designed to harm and silence an innocent citizen with the effect of disseminating fear. Inept of utilising civilised means of settling differences by dialogue the government of Eritrea engages itself in terrorising citizens inside and outside Eritrea.

This attack is symbolic of the imminent collapse of the regime, which, as a result, will act in panic. This attack is unacceptable. It is shameful and embarrassing to use violence against a journalist equipped with just armed with a pen, a microphone and a camera.

The freedom of expression constitutes a core demand of the Eritrean Renaissance Party. Therefore, we will unabatingly fight for these principles.

We urge all Eritreans, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and all other European and international institutions defending human rights and the freedom of speech to condemn in unison this crime which was committed against a journalist by the agents of the regime of Africa's North Korea.

We call on all Eritrean Journalists not to be intimidated and keep on doing their noble work.

Regardless of any differences in political questions with Mr Amanuel, we highly appreciate his efforts to inform particularly Eritreans on burning issues regarding Eritrea and to expose its brutal government. We like to encourage him in continuing his work as usual without fear.
We ask that the culprits be brought to justice and are ready to contribute with our humble means to the fight against violence and for human rights.

Eritrean Renaissance Party the 30 of November 2019 Eritrean Renaissance Party
The Foreign Office of Eritrean Renaissance Party

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